‘World Food Franchise Market’ is operated by Biz Rise Co., Ltd. Founded in 2013, it is made up of professionals who have experience as franchisors, franchisees, and franchise brokers.
In 2014, Biz Rise acquired franchise information website ‘SAGASUFC.COM’ (ja.sagasufc.com) which launched in 2008. In the following year, it morphed into the global version ‘franchisearch.asia’ (mm.sagasufc.com).

Currently, Biz Rise handles domestic and international business matching.

The domestic franchise market has fluctuated in a short cycle due to external factors such as the Lehman shock and natural disasters. Almost all franchisors, believed to be over 1,300 or more, are now occupied with Non-Food Franchise service systems.

Only low-cost business for individuals became prominent, and opportunities for recruiting franchisees in food services decreased. In order to solve this problem, the World Food Franchise Market was launched by focusing on Biz Rise’s area of expertise.

To build a worldwide network of franchise agents and brokers, to spread solid franchise brands throughout the world…
we believe this is our mission.

Official Agent


Hajime Kobayashi Hajime Kobayashi

He experienced supervisors, trainer, development of franchisee at several franchisors, and was involved in the overall construction of the franchisors. Currently, he is engaged in consulting for corporations and individuals who are considering new business, and councel for corporations who are considering to start franchise headquarters.

Masayuki Toma Masayuki Toma

He is working as a business consultant in Japan. Especially franchising, making opportunities for overseas who are interested in Japanese franchises. His face is infinite dimensions and always changes by client’s issues.


Mike Kim Mike Kim

He runs one of the biggest consulting firm in Vancouver downtown located in Federal Government building (Service Canada) licensed and focusing on bringing in foreign labour, real estate and immigration consulting, and he also invests or operates some restaurants include Japanese franchise.


Arif Setiadi Arif Setiadi

He has experienced to run a lot of restaurant includes famous Japanese brand. There are several ways for new business development such as buying a franchise or developing own brand. Ask him the best way to choose the brand.


Mutya Joy M. Hernandez Mutya Joy M. Hernandez

Entrepreneur, Franchise Consultant/Broker, Founder/Owner of an Agriculture Service in the Philippines, Food Manufacturer, Supplier & Distributor, Real Estate Manager, Financial Literacy Advocate, Event Director/Organizer of various local and international events


Patarachet Soodsanguan Patarachet Soodsanguan

He runs business development in Myanmar for several years and hosts Myanmar International Franchise Show for the first time. By bringing much valuable business and HR solution from other countries to support SMEs in Myanmar, to transform to industry 4.0. He recognizes the importance of developing knowledge and staff training.


Lin Xiaxia Lin Xiaxia

Since she came to Japan for study abroad, after working for a foreign-affiliated company in Japan, advanced to the food service industry. While also managing the Japanese franchise brand, she supports to expand of the Japanese brand to her home country.

South Korea

Kim Sang Hoon Kim Sang Hoon

After working at the Korean franchisor and expanding it to Japan, he operates some restaurant in Japan. Currently, he supports Taiwan franchisor for expanding to Japan and supports Korean brand’s entry into Taiwan.