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Press Thursday May 7th, 2020


We’d like to express our heartfelt sympathy to all those affected, directly or indirectly, by the recent coronavirus.

The restaurant business around the world has been severely impacted and its survival is in jeopardy. We want to preserve Japan’s food culture, which is loved all over the world, and hope that foreigners visiting Japan for the Olympics and other events will be able to experience Japanese restaurants.

Our collaboration has made that happen, and we aim to make the restaurant business a tremendous success.

The reason why we collaborate with EAT PRO Japan

The restaurant operation must be continuously successful before a franchise sales effort can be made.

The first thing we do is to get foreign visitors to Japan to appreciate our business and bring it back to their home countries, and this is the beginning of our franchise business expansion overseas.

This kind of chain of events will happen in Japan first. And we want to extend this chain to other countries that have great local food.

The Significance of Collaboration

About Us


EAT PRO JapanBring Joy, Wonder and New Discoveries to all the food lovers of the world.
We strive to create a world where communication and cultural differences don’t exist! Where restaurants and foodies from all over the world can have a great catering and dining experience together.
Our goal is to build a cross cultural dining environment where restaurants In Japan and international diners can comfortably share and respect each other’s cultures, create joy, and build mutual understanding through the ultimate dining experience. EAT PRO Japan

FranDo -World Food Franchise

World Food FranchiseFranDo will provide various franchising services such as consulting, marketing, expanding and investment. At first let’s experience one of the services “World Food Franchise”.

The franchise market has fluctuated in a short cycle due to external factors such as the Lehman shock, natural disasters and current coronavirus. The restaurant business is subject to such an external factors, but the eating and the enjoying the meals are the desire of existence and it cannot to exchange to something else.

Also each country/region has own food cultures and one of FranDo service “World Food Franchise” never wish to lose it. For that, to build a worldwide network of food franchise, to spread solid franchise brands throughout the world… We believe this is our mission.

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