Maybe the next boom will be “lemonade”?

Market News Published: Friday September 11th, 2020Last Updated: Friday September 11th, 2020

Following tapioca, which became the focus of attention last year, lemonade is attracting attention as a “NEXT drink.”
At the lemonade specialty store “lemonade by lemonica” I wanted to do something like for American children lemonade stand that sells lemonade in Japan as well.

Lemonica’s point
Quality that children can drink with confidence
Syrup extracted with candied lemon
Providing fresh lemonade handmade by staff

Focusing on take-out,the store is 10 square meters and can reduce the initial investment.
The menu is mainly drinks,so there is little waste.
The operating profit margin is 35% while keeping costs down by cutting it with a small number of people.
We are looking for franchise owners because of their high profitability.
Currently there are 40 stores,and 100 stores are scheduled to open next spring.

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