Little Caesars Pizza

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It all began in Garden City, Michigan in 1959.
Mike and Marian invested their $10,000 life savings toward opening the first Little Caesars restaurant in 1959. To accelerate the growth of the business, they franchised their first operation in 1962, creating an opportunity for thousands of franchisees to join their Little Caesars family.

“Always strive to be the best – not necessarily the biggest, but the best.”

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Why “Little Caesars Pizza” ?

VALUE -Price Leadership

Significantly lower in price than the closest chain competitor.


Pizza hot out of the oven and ready when the customer walks in.

QUALITY -Quality Ingredients

Dough made fresh daily in the stores. Fresh packed sauce.

The generous support of the franchise headquarters

Little Caesars Pizza
Franchisee can receive comprehensive support in all aspects of marketing, operations, training, supply operations, etc.
In addition, we will provide support at the time of opening, public relations activities, and introduction of suppliers who will provide a stable supply of high-quality ingredients.


Little Caesars Pizza

Little Caesars Pizza

TWO full size store layout options to ensure the layout works for their market.
1) CARRY-OUT LAYOUT (75sqm〜)


Franchisor Little Caesar Enterprises Inc.
Brand History Since 1959
Locations More than 20 countries including USA, Canada, Australia, Egypt and Mexico
Agreement Type Area Franchise
Contract Period 20 years
Initial investment 300,000USD~ per restaurant

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